Five Natural First Aid Essentials

Five Natural First Aid Essentials

Five Natural First Aid Essentials

Are you equipped to deal with an accident? Bruises, burns, breaks, strains and stings can strike at any time. Prepare for life’s inevitable injuries with a kickass first aid kit.

As a first aid trainer and naturopath I’ve seen how first aid tools can patch up a problem, prevent complications and promote rapid recovery. For complete care add nature’s nurses to your bandages and band-aids. Stock the following easy and reliable remedies to help through hard times.

Arnica for ows!

Kids are constantly falling down, hitting their heads or hitting others! Arnica makes boo boos better by reducing pain and swelling. For centuries arnica has been the premier anti-bruising herb for sprains, sports injuries, phlebitis and osteoarthritis. It not only eases aches but fades a black bruise fast. All thanks to arnica’s powerful anti-inflammatory helenalin and vasodilating thymol content. Arnica can assist any bruise-like pain such as carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis. It was found to be as effective as NSAIDS in the treatment of osteoarthritis in a study published by Rheumatology International. Arnica also banished bruises better than Vitamin K formulations according to Northwestern University’s Department of Dermatology.

Calendula for cuts

This magical marigold is a super skin healer. Calendula contains fantastic flavonoids, linoleic acid, antifungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agents that are invaluable for inflamed, cracked, chapped or split skin. It’s indispensible for mothers as it works wonders for cracked nipples from breast feeding, nappy rash and eczema. This golden balm is unbeatable for skin repair after chemotherapy and radiation. As calendula increases blood flow and oxygen to wounds it fast tracks tissue repair in cuts. Stubborn sores such as ulcers, boils and bedsores benefit from calendula cream. Calendula’s antifungal action also eases jock itch and tinea.

Comfrey for bones

Also known as bone knit, comfrey is the remedy to reach for with fractures, tears or sprains. Comfrey has a proven historical record for accelerating bone and soft tissue healing. It’s allantoin, steroidal saponins, rosmarinic acid and tannins team to increase cell growth. Comfrey also soothes swelling, inflammation and dryness. Comfrey isn’t advised internally due to its potentially poisonous pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

Lavender for burns

Lavender essential oil cools burns, clears infections and calms the mind. Its one of the few essential oils that can be applied straight to the skin for burns, eczema, acne, boils or bites. Try as a cooling compress with fever or spritz over a burn. Add Aloe Vera for extra protection with burns or bites. Ideally use a 25% dilute lavender/water blend before dabbing directly on a burn, bite or feverish forehead.

Tea Tree Oil for infections

This versatile oil has a potent antiseptic action making it an excellent wound and bite remedy. For clear skin wet a q-tip, dip in tea tree and dab on a pimple or cold sore to dry it out overnight. Its pinene properties make Tea tree a terrific decongestant as steam inhalation for coughs, colds and congestion.

Regarding all these remedies always check for allergies and only use externally as directed on label.

Caroline Robertson is a passionate practitioner and teacher of natural therapies and First Aid. For consultations, guided meditations and health retreats please see, 0430 092 601



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